European Cancer Health Indicator Project

The DG Sanco funded EUROCHIP projects focus on fighting inequalities in cancer by improving information and knowledge on cancer using the unique tools of comparison and solidarity in the EU27.

EUROCHIP-1 (2001-2003) delivered the list of Cancer Health Indicators for the cancer domains of Prevention, Screening, and Care. EUROCHIP-2 “the Action” acted as a network of networks, agencies, institutions, policy makers, medical associations and patients groups, to promote actions aimed at reducing inequality gaps in cancer information across the EU, aiming towards a European Cancer Health Information system. With EUROCHIP-3 “Common Action” the network takes EU cancer information one step forward and it investigates 4 cancer information areas (i.e. cervical cancer screening in Eastern Europe, EU cancer registration, information on survivorship, information on cancer costs & outcome) that are binding for the cancer control strategy of the EU as a whole.


The project concluded on 29 February 2012. Final report is available here.

The poster synthesizing the EUROCHIP results is available here.

EUROCHIP-3 Final meeting
Material of the final EUROCHIP-3 meeting is here available.

Activities on dissemination
ESO organized for EUROCHIP a media training course devoted to disseminate cancer registry data.

WP-1 and WP-3: read the final report

WP-2: see media training material and the EUROCHIP-3 list of publications

WP-2 and WP-4: see media guide on cervical cancer in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-4: see results of the studies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-5: report of the survey on cancer registry indicators and on promotion of CR in Greece and Luxembourg

WP-6: report and summary of cancer rehabilitation indicators

WP-7: report prepared on breast cancer and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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