The list oh health indicators proposed by EUROCHIP-1

The discussion on the list of indicators was organized mainly following the natural history of the disease, with specific cancer sites used as a proxy of particular phases of the disease and the type of factor proposed by the ECHI project.

The indicators are proposed by the following three axes of classification:
1. Major axis of classification: the natural history of cancer
a. Prevention domain: Causes & Risk factors, Preclinical disease
b. Occurrence domain: Symptoms-Diagnosis-Treatment
c. Outcome domain: Clinical follow-up, Recurrences, Rescue treatments, Palliation, Death

2. Axis correspondent to the recommended ECHI classification of health indicators:
a. Demographic and socio-economic factors
b. Health determinants
c. Morbidity/general health status/mortality
d. Health system performance, health care resources
e. Health expenditure

3. The other axis is the type of cancer for which indicators are required:
a. All cancers combined without non melanoma skin cancers for relevance with
b. Major cancers: Lung, Breast, Colorectal, Prostate
c. Other major cancers: Stomach, Head and neck-larynx, oropharynx, Melanoma
d. Other cancers: Kaposi, Mesothelioma, Testis, Haematopoietic malignancies, All childhood tumors, Cervix

WP-1 and WP-3: read the final report

WP-2: see media training material and the EUROCHIP-3 list of publications

WP-2 and WP-4: see media guide on cervical cancer in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-4: see results of the studies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-5: report of the survey on cancer registry indicators and on promotion of CR in Greece and Luxembourg

WP-6: report and summary of cancer rehabilitation indicators

WP-7: report prepared on breast cancer and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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