Method of discussion

Collaborating partners will be organised into the following groups:
a. Steering Committee (SC): main decision-making body. The EUROCHIP-2 SC includes experts from Spain, Italy, UK, Bulgaria. In EUROCHIP-3 the group will include all Work Package (WP) leaders. In EUROCHIP-3 various meetings/conference calls were organised also between Project Leader and various WP leaders.

b. Domain Group of Specialists (DGS): DGS groups are led by WP leaders and involve European specialists of the 5 interested areas:
DGS-S: cervical screening (WP4),
DGS-E: cancer information system (epidemiology) (WP5),
DGS-R: rehabilitation needs (WP6),
DGS-C: reduction of costs in childhood cancers (WP7) and
DGS-B: reduction of costs in breast cancer (WP7).

c. National Group of Specialists (NGS) are to be constituted in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania (WP4). The groups work on a national approach and are key tools for national consensus on activities that need to receive attention of health planners and the public.

d. Panel of Experts (PE): panel consisting of 1 member per EU MS, drawn from experts of cancer institutions; 1 member of major European cancer networks (IARC, IAEA, EIWH, ENCR, EUROCARE, EUROPREVAL, RARECARE, HAEMACARE), and 5 DGS leaders. EUROCHIP-3 is based on the European network created by EUROCHIP-1 and -2. The PE represents this network. Thanks to the consensus reached within the PE, specific cancer control initiatives were carried out by EUROCHIP-2 at European level (i.e. invited speech at a meeting with Parliamentary Group “MEPs Against Cancer” or MAC; preparation of the material for the Health Strategies in Europe Lisbon Conference by the EU Portuguese Presidency; the chapter on cancer of the EU Slovenian Presidency book on cancer; the chapter on cancer for the Task Force on Major and Chronic Diseases Book; the recommendation for cancer registration to the Network of Competent Authorities). EUROCHIP-3 will use the PE to ensure the “European imprimatur” to all WP activities. The meeting will be organised at the end of the EUROCHIP-3 project.

List of EUROCHIP-1 meetings is available here
List of EUROCHIP-2 meetings is available here
EUROCHIP-3 meetings are available in various WP pages

WP-1 and WP-3: read the final report

WP-2: see media training material and the EUROCHIP-3 list of publications

WP-2 and WP-4: see media guide on cervical cancer in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-4: see results of the studies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-5: report of the survey on cancer registry indicators and on promotion of CR in Greece and Luxembourg

WP-6: report and summary of cancer rehabilitation indicators

WP-7: report prepared on breast cancer and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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