WP-3 on Evaluation

WP-3 is run by Zdravka Valerianova, Director of the National Cancer Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria in collaboration with the Health Psychology Research Centre (HPRC) in Sofia. The Evaluation WP is responsible for assessing the completion of the project’s deliverables by monitoring a number of given indicators linked with the project scheduled timeframe.

List of activities

  • Evaluation of the intermediate report prepared by WP-1 at 1st September 2009
  • Evaluation questionnaire regularly sent to all WP leaders and participants in order to evaluate the project status
  • Evaluation report at Month 38 on the status of the project results and deliverables
  • Evaluation of the media trainings and of the Panel of expert meeting

Meetings between WP-3 and WP-1

Date Place and WPs

Sofia (BUL)

WP-1 and WP-3: read the final report

WP-2: see media training material and the EUROCHIP-3 list of publications

WP-2 and WP-4: see media guide on cervical cancer in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-4: see results of the studies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania

WP-5: report of the survey on cancer registry indicators and on promotion of CR in Greece and Luxembourg

WP-6: report and summary of cancer rehabilitation indicators

WP-7: report prepared on breast cancer and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

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